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Why You Should Invest In Zero Hunger

Posted On October 12, 2017
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Food is one of life’s most basic building blocks. Without it, children can’t reach their full potential, communities can’t prosper and nations can’t achieve progress. That’s why U.S. companies can—and should—play a powerful role addressing global hunger.

As the world’s leading humanitarian agency fighting global hunger, WFP partners with companies in a wide range of industries. Each shares one thing in common: They are leaders in their fields.

In addition to funding, WFP’s private-sector partners provide technical expertise across the organization, from data collection and supply chain management to nutrition and retail strategies.

Cuba’s Economy is Stagnating, But it Could Get Worse

Posted On February 17, 2017 by Amanda Mattingly
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More Americans traveled to Cuba in the last year than ever before, thanks to the opening of diplomatic relations between the United States and Cuba and the easing of travel restrictions. Despite the surge in tourism, however, Cuba’s economy continues to stagnate and even contracted in 2016 due to mismanagement by the Cuban government. With the possibility of a cut in Venezuelan subsidies or a reversal of U.S. policies, Cuba’s situation could get worse.

Viewpoint: Atlanta conference to explore health and refugees

Posted On April 26, 2016
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In Atlanta on May 2, CARE, CSIS and the World Affairs Council have organized a conference to explore health and refugees. The conference will discuss the health needs of those populations at the epicenter of the crisis – those living in war zones – as well as what needs to be done to strengthen regional capacities to assist these populations and how receiving countries meet the health needs of refugees.