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Opposition leaders detained in Venezuela

Posted On August 2, 2017
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On August 2nd, Council President and former U.S. Ambassador to Venezuela Charles Shapiro talked to Rosemary Church at CNN about the ongoing crisis and the economic consequences. “The only thing that is going to increase in Venezuela in the next year is going to be the number of political prisoners, the oppression of the people, and corruption. Corruption is really the hallmark of this government

In the News: May 2017

Posted On May 3, 2017
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On the April 29 edition of The Local Take on WCLK, Kiplyn Primus spoke with former U. S. Ambassador to Venezuela Charles Shapiro about the World Affairs Council and their Sixth Annual Health Summit taking place in Atlanta on May 8.

In the News: March 2017

Posted On March 24, 2017
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World Affairs Council program, “A New Chapter in Israeli-Arab Relations” featured Ambassador Haim Koren, former Israeli Ambassador to Egypt and South Sudan who came to discuss new relationships and dynamics between Israel and the Arab nations.

In the News: February 2017

Posted On February 24, 2017
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World Affairs Council hosted the program, “Putin: Renegotiating the End of the Cold War” featuring Paula Dobriansky, a senior fellow at the Kennedy School at Harvard University in conversation with Clyde Tuggle, senior vice president and chief public affairs and communications officer for The Coca-Cola Company.

In the News: December 2016

Posted On December 24, 2016
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For the former U.S. ambassador to Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Lebanon and Kuwait (not in that order), looking to the past can help leaders understand current quagmires in the Middle East and how to best engage in the moment. “That conflict lasted 15 years. Syria is way more complicated with many more actors.

In the News: November 2016

Posted On November 24, 2016
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Since assuming the leadership of the World Affairs Council, Mr. Shapiro has traveled to Cuba six times in the wake of President Obama‘s thawing relations with the island nation the past two years. But he had no idea on his first visit to the dance company’s training studio what was in store for his business delegation.

In the News: October 2016

Posted On October 24, 2016
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The World Affairs Council of Atlanta in August partnered with the Atlanta chapter of the American India Foundation for a discussion on how scientists and researchers from both countries work together to drive innovation.

In the News: September 2016

Posted On September 24, 2016
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The World Affairs Council held a program titled “Don’t Bet Against Brazil” featuring Paulo Sotero, director of the Brazil Institute and a Woodrow Wilson Scholar as well as Gabriela Frias, anchor for CNN en Español and host of Portafolio Global.