David Abney“For the last three years, business leaders, diplomats and geo-political experts have come to the council to share their perspective on domestic and international challenges and opportunities. There is no question that we live in an age of global interdependence. Because of our commercial connections, the fate and fortune of our city is very much intertwined with the global economy. In a very tangible sense, the World Affairs Council of Atlanta is the glue that binds us to this global community.”
– David Abney, chairman of the World Affairs Council of Atlanta

When you become a member of the World Affairs Council of Atlanta you will be joining Atlanta’s business, non-profit, government and community leaders in exploring complex international topics with speakers and fellow members.

Benefits of Membership

  • Free members-only events, priority notification of events, discounts on council programs and publications such as The Economist, Foreign Policy, The New Yorker and more
  • Deepen your understanding of complex international issues, including financial, business and social issues, and an opportunity to network, exchanging views and opinions with other members and experts.
  • Connect with like-minded individuals who are seeking a global experience in Atlanta and want to expand their knowledge and understanding of international issues that touch our lives as professionals, citizens and individuals.

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