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Mexican cuisine ‘growing and evolving,’ says PBS cooking show host

Posted On November 10, 2017
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The World Affairs Council of Atlanta and our November 16th program with celebrity chef Pati Jinich was the topic of a recent AJC article. She discusses how a blend of Mexican and Jewish cultures have drastically changed Mexican cuisine. “There has been a revolution in Mexican cuisine in the last 20 years. It used to be mostly women in the kitchen. Then, young men started getting into the kitchen, pushing limits, using new techniques. We can reinterpret what has been passed on to us and create new traditions. We can appreciate traditional dishes that respect their souls and ingredients, while still using modern equipment and tools.

Metro Atlanta Chamber Chair Jeff Sprecher says we have ‘a really good chance’ to win Amazon

Posted On November 9, 2017
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On October 26th, The World Affairs Council of Atlanta welcomed Jeff Sprecher, CEO of Intercontinental Exchange Inc. to discuss the future of finance and policy at the Commerce Club. Sprecher touched on the possibility of Amazon moving its second headquarters to Atlanta. “We have a really good chance,” Sprecher said in response to a question about Amazon. “We have an amazing infrastructure here that allowed our company to grow, not the least of which is Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport.

Mexican Ambassador: Let’s Enhance NAFTA at This ‘Critical Moment

Posted On October 15, 2017
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On October 5th, The World Affairs Council of Atlanta welcomed Mexican Ambassador Gerónimo Gutiérrez Fernández to discuss future relations between the U.S. and Mexico at The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. While relations with the U.S. are at a “critical moment,” Mexico’s ambassador said turbulence today can result in an even stronger partnership tomorrow — if handled correctly.

Trump can challenge NBC’s broadcast licenses, but he’s likely to fail.

Posted On October 11, 2017
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World Affairs Council President Charles Shapiro was quoted in October 11’s Washington Examiner. The article discussed President Trump’s threat to revoke NBC’s broadcasting license. Also discussed was the extent to which this stunt can be compared to former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’ press censorship. Shapiro’s response: “Chavez was wa-a-a-ay beyond anything Trump is threatening.

North Korea: Sanctions Can Work, But Is There Time?

Posted On September 19, 2017
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Panelists at our September 15, 2017 “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Korea” Luncheon spoke on the effectiveness of a sanctions regime on the North Korea, it just might take a while. With the Chinese in theory now backing the U.N. approved plan to place limitations on the Pyongyang’s coal and steel exports, THADD on the ready more than ever, and the U.S. president drawing red lines options on the peninsula seem to be coming to a head.

Opposition leaders detained in Venezuela

Posted On August 2, 2017
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On August 2nd, Council President and former U.S. Ambassador to Venezuela Charles Shapiro talked to Rosemary Church at CNN about the ongoing crisis and the economic consequences. “The only thing that is going to increase in Venezuela in the next year is going to be the number of political prisoners, the oppression of the people, and corruption. Corruption is really the hallmark of this government

In the News: May 2017

Posted On May 3, 2017
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On the April 29 edition of The Local Take on WCLK, Kiplyn Primus spoke with former U. S. Ambassador to Venezuela Charles Shapiro about the World Affairs Council and their Sixth Annual Health Summit taking place in Atlanta on May 8.

In the News: March 2017

Posted On March 24, 2017
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World Affairs Council program, “A New Chapter in Israeli-Arab Relations” featured Ambassador Haim Koren, former Israeli Ambassador to Egypt and South Sudan who came to discuss new relationships and dynamics between Israel and the Arab nations.