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The World Affairs Council of Atlanta is the premier convener on international topics that affect Atlanta and the world.

Our mission is to provide a forum for dialogue, a source of expertise, and an engine for research on the international issues that matter to Atlanta. We are a non-partisan, membership and grant supported organization dedicated to enhancing our community’s understanding of the world – locally, nationally, and globally.



By becoming an individual or corporate member, you help sustain the council as the pre-eminent convener on international topics that affect Atlanta and the world. Join our community of more than 900 globally minded Atlantans today to enhance your understanding of the world in which we live – locally, nationally, and globally.


Stay up-to-date on what is happening at the council and catch up on programs you missed on our multimedia pages. Join our LinkedIn group to connect with other members and expand your networks.


Council programs give members an opportunity to engage local, national, and international leaders and fellow members in a dialogue leading to a greater understanding of the international issues that affect our community and provide a variety of perspectives and innovative ways of thinking about pressing global topics.
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